Anime Design

Nothing is what it seems if you can read what the soul truly signifies.

ANIME DESIGN – which takes its name from the Italian word “Anime”, meaning “Souls” – is a diversion from common language: it’s a word, a gesture, a concept that takes shape in functional and versatile solutions, capable of containing, organizing, defining, and interpreting everyday spaces.

Within it, there are no labels. Its texture abides by a free and spontaneous way of conceiving furniture; its outline finds expression through a flowing interconnection between environments and styles. Anime design knows no gender: it is neither “masculine” nor “feminine”, it simply embraces both. Metal conveys confidence and soundness, while strokes are thin and elegant, touches are soft and gentle, fullness gives way to emptiness, emphasizing the light and delicate soul of continuity.


The brand was born in 2021 from the vision of Beatrice and Clara. Beatrice, a product designer and Clara, an event planner, meet at a party in London. Right from this moment, a deep synergy between them is established, a synergy that will later lead to the need to affirm their own vision of contemporary design, made of pieces of furniture and useful and versatile accessories, perfect in any place and at any time, to suit every style and occasion.

Steel fuels the long-term vision of the project and immediately becomes its constituting material, made softer and humanized through shapes and colors. The powder coating – more resistant – offers a surface that is soft and pleasant to the eye and to the touch, while the monochromatic shades make every element an accessory that is delicate and formal at the same time, perfect to effortlessly match different styles and spaces.

“We love the idea of endowing metal with a soul, of making it more feminine, softer, more flexible; we leave to those who choose our products the pleasure of finding their destination and combinations based on their own taste and desires”.

The Collection

The collection of furniture and accessories by ANIME DESIGN stands for experience: many accessories are dedicated to dining, relaxing and conviviality.

The products are the result of a thorough research of modern design, paired with a long-standing artisanal tradition. The imperfections that may arise or the differences between products are a witness to the handcrafted value of these creations.

The collection shows particular research on colors, which finds expression in material shades. Some shades are grittier, while others are softer, cozier, and more embracing. They can be combined or chosen based on the occasion and personal taste.

Anime Design was awarded Best Young Firm at Monocle Design Award 2022