Modular bookcase that features powder-coated metal frame with both shelves and storage units. The frame is available exclusively in Obsidian Black color, while shelves and storage units are available in two different sizes: S and M and two color options: Talc and Obsidian Black.


The Dalila Bookcase can be customized with shelves and containers of different sizes in the Obsidian Black and Talc color variants.

Talc Library Module Dalila: € 680.00 (VAT included)
Obsidian Black Library Module Dalila: € 745.00 (VAT included)
Mixed Library Module Dalila: starting from € 700.00 (VAT included)

Production time: 5/7 weeks.

Contact us at info@animedesign.it to have your personalized library.


The Dalila Bookcase is a furnishing system characterized by a modern and customizable design: its modular structure can be easily integrated into various contexts, thanks to its clean and minimal design. Dalila is made up by two shelves and a storage unit, accessories that can be removed and re-assembled according to your own personal needs. Its light shape creates an airy expression, which makes it a functional and sophisticated piece of furniture at the same time. Extraordinary, functional, and minimalistic, it will be able to surprise you and enhance your spaces, making them unique an original.

Product Details

  • Material: steel
  • Treatment: powder coating
  • Weight: Dalila Talc 13,83 kg (frame, shelf S, shelf M, storage unit S)
  • Dalila Obsidian Black 16,78 kg (frame, shelf S, shelf M, storage unit M)
  • Color variations: Talc, Obsidian Black
  • Frame Dimensions (cm): L75, W28, H75
  • Shelf S Dimensions (cm): L36, W28, H2
  • Shelf M Dimensions (cm): L72, W28, H2
  • Storage Unit S Dimensions (cm): L36, W28, H12
  • Storage Unit M Dimensions (cm): L72, W28, H12


Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

It’s recommended to clean it with a damp cloth and avoid the use of chemical products.

Additional information

Weight 8.59 kg
Dimensions 75 × 28 × 75 cm

Obsidian Black


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Dalila Bookcase (set)